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Quality and Performance
at the right price

We bring the highest service levels and performance to the plate, by constantly keeping our costs in line we aim to provide the most efficient service and price that the market can deliver.

We specialize in operating as a Service Partner to all Freight Agents in regional centers where Freight Agents do not have representation and also offer a National and International courier service. We have undergone several changes in order to meet the needs of the Freight Agents and Customers who make use of our services.

Our Goodness What Makes Us Special

Our Personal Touch

A Management Team that knows and fully understands the concept of consistent, personal attention and of the need for this high level of attention to be applied throughout the lifetime of each contract.

Safety & Quality

Our company has a high-level sercurity mindset, we have adopted a zero loss tolerance with the help of a "dual control" system. We monitor all vehicles with live satellite tracking.

We Care

A Management Team that is totally committed to ensuring that the company provides a consistently superior level of service throughout the lifetime of each contract.

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Your cargo saftey is our #1 priority. We ensure that everything is delivered correctly and safely, you don't want damaged products.


We constantly strive to improve our services, working closely with our customers we ensure that items are delivered on time!

Full Support

We want to provide the best support to your comapny. That being said we work very close with our customers to ensure they get the best service.

Interested in working with FCG Logistics?

We don’t just manage suppliers, we micro-manage them. We have a consultative, personalized approach.